Our passion is to combine multiphysics expertise and simulation skills for solving complex issues of a technological and social nature. We want to create a direct or indirect impact on people and their living environment. To this end, we contribute to the design of advanced systems and innovative products for our customers. As far as confidentiality permits, we proudly share our results. Each showcase presents a unique problem we tackled. Our showcases demonstrate the broad multiphysics expertise we can invoke, the ingenious simulation solutions we devise and the added value we provide to our customers.

  • BKS door lock

    stress reduction in a door lock.

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  • Demcon_multiphysics_topogy_optimization_thumbnail

    topology optimization design.

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  • Demcon_multiphysics_webhandeling_contentv3

    web handling of thin foils at high temperatures.

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  • Demcon_multiphysics_microfluidics_thumbnail

    filling of non-trivially shaped microfluidic channels.

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  • Demcon_multiphysics_alia_density_meter_twitter

    vibration behavior determination of a smart density meter for slurries.

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  • Demcon_multiphysics_Magnetic_shielding

    magnetic shielding of a transformer station.

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Demcon multiphysics.

Demcon multiphysics is an engineering agency with high-end expertise in the area of heat transfer, fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, acoustics, electromagnetism and nuclear physics. We support clients from a wide variety of market sectors and help them achieve their goals in research and development with deep physical insights.

We combine fundamental physical knowledge from an analytical approach with Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulations tools from ANSYS, MATHWORKS, COMSOL, STAR-CCM+ and FLUKA to setup, execute, analyze and evaluate numerical simulations. The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEM / FEA), Lumped Element Modelling (LEM), Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) and Monte Carlo simulations enables us to make a virtual prototype of your design. With these techniques we can simulate the fluid and gas flows, energy exchange, heat and mass transfer, stresses, strains and vibrations in structures and the interaction of electromagnetic fields with other physical aspects like heat generation. Simulation-driven product development increases the development efficiency and reduces the product development time. Our services can therefore fully support you in the designing phase, from idea up to prototype, from prototype to final design.