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simulation-driven product development.

As an engineering firm we have specialized in heat transfer, fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, acoustics & vibrations, electromagnetics and nuclear physics. We serve a wide variety of markets, ranging from the process and the semiconductor industry to energy, maritime and medical. For example, at the intersection of the process industry and the energy sector, we excel in heat-exchanger applications. With our deep physical insight, we support customers in their research, development and engineering.

A Demcon group company

multiphysics consultants from R&D to new product introduction.

As part of the Demcon group, we can draw on the high-end expertise and broad experience of scientists, technical specialists and experienced engineers in a wide variety of disciplines. This is what differentiates us from typical simulation-only consultancy firms. Acting as a full-service technology supplier, we cover the complete product creation chain from R&D and engineering to prototyping and series production. In this way, we can go as far as helping our customers introduce their actual product or system in addition to supporting them with our expertise in virtual prototyping. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified consultancy firm, we work with a sophisticated quality management system to deliver customer satisfaction and focus on continuous improvement.


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Our story

growing in multiphysics.

Demcon Multiphysics was founded in 1997 as an engineering consultancy firm, called BuNova, starting with five employees in Zwolle. In 2014, the Demcon group acquired BuNova, which was subsequently renamed to Demcon multiphysics. Currently, we have over 25 employees at locations in Best, Delft and Enschede. We run projects for our own customers and also participate in Demcon projects, contributing our multiphysics expertise while broadening our scope of markets and technical challenges. As part of the Demcon group, we have the opportunities and the means to grow as a versatile multiphysics consultancy and further extend our simulation skills.

Demcon multiphysics

meet our team.

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-joost Joost Mulder

Managing director

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-ruben Ruben Verschoof

Business developer in Enschede

Elze Knol

Group leader in Enschede

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-vincent Vincent van Liebergen

Group leader in Best

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-arnoud Arnoud van der Stelt

Project manager in Enschede

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-sietze Sietze Oostveen

Multiphysics engineer in Best

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-koen Koen de Mare

Multiphysics engineer in Best

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-geoffrey Geoffrey Havermans

Multiphysics engineer in Best

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-frans Frans Duijnhouwer

Multiphysics engineer in Best

Erwin Gelissen

Multiphysics engineer in Best

Giel Radaemakers Giel Ramaekers

Multiphysics engineer in Best

Paco Dreverman

Multiphysics engineer in Best

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-sybrand Sybrand Zeinstra

Multiphysics engineer in Enschede

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-mariska Mariska Bos

Multiphysics engineer in Enschede

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-marijn Marijn Kalter

Multiphysics engineer in Enschede

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-ivor Ivor Cleine

Multiphysics engineer in Enschede

Endrias Yared

Multiphysics engineer in Enschede

Bryan Verveld

Multiphysics engineer in Enschede

Chris Spruijtenburg

Multiphysics engineer in Enschede

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-lars Lars van der Aa

Multiphysics engineer in Enschede

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-danique Danique Wetsteijn

Multiphysics engineer in Enschede

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-niels-2 Niels Consten

Multiphysics engineer in Enschede

About-us-demcon-multiphysics-rien Rien Wesselink

Multiphysics engineer in Enschede

Kriti Gupta

Multiphysics engineer in Enschede

about us kiki hannink Kiki Hannink

Marketing & sales engineer


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Demcon multiphysics.

Demcon multiphysics is an engineering agency with high-end expertise in the area of heat transfer, fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, acoustics, electromagnetism and nuclear physics. We support clients from a wide variety of market sectors and help them achieve their goals in research and development with deep physical insights.

We combine fundamental physical knowledge from an analytical approach with Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulations tools from ANSYS, MATHWORKS, COMSOL, STAR-CCM+ and FLUKA to setup, execute, analyze and evaluate numerical simulations. The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEM / FEA), Lumped Element Modelling (LEM), Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) and Monte Carlo simulations enables us to make a virtual prototype of your design. With these techniques we can simulate the fluid and gas flows, energy exchange, heat and mass transfer, stresses, strains and vibrations in structures and the interaction of electromagnetic fields with other physical aspects like heat generation. Simulation-driven product development increases the development efficiency and reduces the product development time. Our services can therefore fully support you in the designing phase, from idea up to prototype, from prototype to final design.