structural mechanics.

We offer consultancy in a wide range of structural analysis topics. We draw on our broad experience in calculating strength and stiffness of complex structures and evaluating the response of a structure or mechanical system to harmonic excitation. We can also predict phenomena such as plastic deformation, creep and buckling, as well as the mechanical interaction between parts.

Competences that we master

  • Vibration modelling
  • Fatigue modelling and lifetime prediction
  • High-accuracy system calculations down to picometer precision
  • Evaluation of thermally induced stresses and deformations
  • Contact-force-induced deformation analysis
  • Strength calculations of large-scale objects
  • Plastic deformation, creep and buckling prediction
  • Dynamic analysis (evaluation and improvement of eigenvalues and vibrations, modal analysis and harmonic response)
  • Linear and non-linear material behavior analysis
  • Rigid-body dynamics
  • Topology and shape optimization


strength and stiffness.

The prediction of how much a part will deform or whether it will even fail under load is always of critical importance. This is especially the case when weight reduction, dimensional constraints and cost control are top priorities. With thorough simulations of a part’s static properties and dynamic behavior, extensive experiments involving high costs and high risks can be avoided. We are highly experienced in the execution of these types of finite-element analysis and have the specialist skills and dedicated tools to perform such calculations as efficiently as possible.