product development.

As part of the Demcon group, we have full access to all engineering disciplines, including software, electrical, mechanical and optical engineering. In addition, Demcon has extensive laboratory and prototyping facilities. Working with Demcon production and Demcon metal injection moulding, we can industrialize a prototype into a serial product. Consequently, we are a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution provider for many of our customers.

Markets that we serve

  • High-Tech Systems & Materials
  • Life Sciences & Health
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Aerospace


engineering department.

We are often involved in a product development project right from the start, exploiting our broad experience to conceptually design a smart system. In Demcon projects, we function as an engineering department, designing clever solutions for the most complex systems and meeting the strictest requirements. We interact with mechanical and system engineers pro-actively to optimize products with respect to, for example, structural strength, cooling capacity, or precision. We design and execute proof-of-principle experiments, ranging from simple tests to extensive product verifications. In the detailed design phase, we simulate fluid flow, thermal behavior and mechanical properties to further enhance the design and meet the specifications.