nuclear physics.

We use our extensive experience in nuclear engineering, radiation and shielding to support customers in the development of nuclear systems. For example, we design radiation shielding for personal safety and provide advice on dealing with radioactive materials. For modelling all relevant particle interactions, we perform Monte-Carlo simulations, using FLUKA, to calculate a range of radiological quantities. These include activation of materials, volumetric heat loads, fluences and radiation-induced damage. Our strength lies in combining these calculations with finite-element analyses to provide complete solutions for complex cases. This enables us to couple radiation effects tightly to structural, flow and thermal aspects. In this way, we can support the design for intense radiation environments, where active cooling is required and structural integrity is critical.

Relevant applications that we work on

  • Radiation shielding and personal protection
  • Shielding design for radioactive sources
  • Production of medical isotopes
  • Radiation effects on materials/electronics
  • Dosimetry
  • Hadron therapy


radiation oncology.

Radiation oncology involves ionizing radiation and topics such as radiation therapy and dosimetry. We have the capability to perform simulations aimed at determining depth-dose profiles for a wide range of radiation types, including protons, ions and gamma rays. For the specific radiation sources, we can calculate relevant quantities such as absorbed and effective doses. The use of our knowledge is not limited to medical applications, but can be extended to aviation dosimetry, for example.