experimental validation.

We have extensive testing facilities available, where we use small proof-of-principle set-ups to determine whether a concept is feasible, measure unknown (fluidic) properties, or verify simulation results. Next to our in-house testing facilities, we have close collaborations with a number of regional partners that grant us access to their advanced testing facilities. These include the high-pressure lab and the anechoic chamber at the University of Twente, and the climate chambers at Thales ECC.

Experiments that we perform

  • Pressure-drop experiments.
    We often measure the fluidic resistance of irregular or porous materials. In-house we perform experiments up to 10 bar, and for higher pressures we can use the high-pressure-lab facilities.
  • Wind-tunnel testing.
    We do this kind of testing to verify the aerodynamic properties of objects.
  • Thermal experiments in climate chambers.
    We perform these experiments to verify that systems are able to withstand varying thermal loads, as well as extreme cold or heat.
  • Acoustics measurements with the 64-channel digital microphone system from Sorama.
    This system is specifically designed to trace back noise to specific components and reveal noise sources in real time using color-coded graphs. We use the system to evaluate mitigation efforts more precisely.
  • Sound-intensity measurements (according to ISO 9614-2/3).


precise measurements.