acoustics & vibrations.

We have developed a unique expertise in the field of acoustics & vibrations. For attenuating undesired noise and vibrations, it is essential to analyze their source(s) and propagation. Whether the origin of the noise is related to a vibrating structure or a pulsating flow, we have a wide variety of tools and expertise available to model and measure sound propagation in a system, as well as evaluate its effect on the environment. We can help customers with a root-cause analysis to identify the source and propagation of sound waves and find a proper solution to mitigate the acoustic problem.

Associated activities that we perform

  • Noise source identification
  • Sound power level measurement
  • Vibration testing
  • Thermoacoustics analysis
  • Aeroacoustics analysis
  • Custom acoustic silencer design
  • Sound radiation, absorption and transmission prediction

visualizing and quantifying noise.

Our Sorama acoustic camera enables us to visualize noise sources in structures of any size. Moreover, using our B&K sound-intensity probe, we can visualize the power and directional distribution of sound and evaluate the effectiveness of eliminating noise sources. We also use computational tools that enable a high-resolution description of acoustic phenomena. Specifically, simulations can provide insight into noise source locations as well as sound propagation, directionality and frequencies. Subsequently, noise mitigation can be accomplished by reducing or damping the noise or decoupling the noise source from the overall structure.

Besides visualizing the sound, we can also quantify a sound field using our B&K sound level meter and B&K sound intensity probe. This allows us to provide a measure according to the prevalent standards, such as ISO 61672, ISO 3745, and ISO 9614.